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SynaptiCOM.net is a three-tiered 'translational technology' initiative with core aims of advancing mobile health (mHealth) strategies, and next-generation minimally-invasive injectable nano-transponder technology (U.S. Patents 8,788,033, 9,302,114, and 9,802,050) for delivering targeted therapeutics. Medically-resistant focal-onset epilepsy is the dominant health condition for which our innovative technologies are being developed.

Our translational laboratory brain mapping tier is evolving a suite of innovative human brain mapping techniques for visualizing the 'footprint' of epileptic brain circuits. These neurovisualization software packages are, in turn, supporting the 'nanotech R&D' tier of our therapeutic nano-sized devices for potential use with brain modulation therapy strategies (NeuroPace™ RNS™, Medtronic™ DBS™, Liva Nova™ VNS™). Both our innovative brain mapping platforms and disruptive nanotechnologies will facilitate establishing a new market and value network for effectively treating medically-resistant epilepsy.

The core of our mHealth implementation tier includes a regional specialized-healthcare outreach initiative. This initiative was founded prior to the U.S. Affordable Care Act and designed to deliver cutting-edge specialized healthcare to large rural populations. The ultimate application of this mHealth-rich initiative is to coordinate and maintain optimal healthcare patterns for individuals living in rural communities, also known as population health management. The majority of these communities are located geographically distant from large regional medical centers. The mHealth initiative is coordinated by a dedicated 'community-based' population health management hub. Such a strategy will facilitate delivering efficient specialized care to individuals with epilepsy-related healthcare challenges. Our mHealth initiative targets children (Rossi, 2015) and adults with difficult to control epilepsy and associated mental health conditions. Underlying causes for these conditions range from traumatic brain injury to genetic disorders. Novel mHealth strategies are currently being implemented for, 1) sensing sudden changes in patient's brainwaves and body movements, and 2) deploying innovative population health practices. Such practices include delivering real-time ambulatory- and geographically remote emergency department-based treatment options. This initiative is in collaboration with RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago, IL, the Epilepsy Foundation of North Central Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska, and Epilepsy Health Management (EHM) of McHenry County, IL.

The SynaptiCOM.net Translational Technology Initiative is energized by ongoing collaborative partners and sponsors that include industry, academic institutions, rural community service organizations, county, state and federal grant resources, private foundations, and valued philanthropy.

The SynaptiCOM.net initiative's founder, Marvin A. Rossi, MD, PhD is a board-certified neurologist and epileptologist with a doctorate in Molecular Biophysics. Dr. Rossi has nearly 30 years of translational research experience within regional NAEC-affiliated specialized epilepsy centers (predominantly the RUSH Epilepsy Center).

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