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We have established a three-tiered translational technology initiative for facilitating pacing the next generation Epilepsy Treatment Centers.

1) The primary diagnostic tier is to evolve innovative diagnostic functional neuroimaging technologies that facilitate visualizing the foot-prints of 'epileptogenic' brain circuits.

2) The dominant treatment tier is to develop game-changing nano-control interfaces for stabilizing medication-resistant fragile brain networks.

3) Finally, our clinical presence tier is to deploy transformational rural epilepsy care utilizing novel mobile health biosensing strategies coordinated by an innovative community-based population health management hub.

Overcoming uncontrollable epilepsy is possible only if the following prefaces every epilepsy-related discussion -

Intractable epilepsy has the potential to be more uncompromising, more long-lasting, and far more adaptable than the intellects of the clinical specialists and researchers who battle to subdue it.

The condition is equaled only by the might of the afflicted individuals who endure it day and night.

The scales are just-favorably tipped, and the condition ultimately overcome only when partnering with the afflicted by way of unrelenting advocacy, on-demand access to comprehensive 'wraparound' services and innovative therapies, and generating ongoing robust translational research efforts.

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